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Known internationally for presenting works of astounding inventiveness and physical beauty, MOMIX is a company of dancer-illusionists founded and directed by Moses Pendleton.

Each production focuses not only on the beauty of the human form, but also the beauty of nature, music, scenography, and life itself.  MOMIX's productions are carefully crafted to assimilate a multitude of various elements in each and every show.

Pendleton combines his muscularly sculpted dancers with unique costumes and props, sets them amongst artfully created lighting and light effects, and finally completes everything with a personally selected diverse musical score, ranging from Vivaldi to New Age to birdsong...


MOMIX takes you into a surreal and fantasy world, allowing you to dip your toes into the "stream of unconsciousness" (as Pendleton suggests). Our goal is for audiences to sit back, enjoy the magic, and take in the optical confusion.

Full of surprises, each show features dancers manipulating their bodies and props in unique and astounding ways. While there is no concrete story-line, MOMIX performances evoke through imagery a theater of light and physical bodies.

Whether the concept is nature's wonders in "Botanica", the ancient art of alchemy in "Alchemia", or the creatures of the desert in "Opus Cactus", MOMIX will not fail to surprise, enchant, and astonish.


MOMIX is perfect for all ages, and for all occasions. Children love the fun and magical props and costumes, parents can appreciate the subtle beauty in the imagery, and young couples can see the romance in a simple duet.

Watching the show alone allows for deep internal reflection, or sharing the experience with a friend can bring discussion and debate about the mysteries and secrets of the show.

There is something for everyone in MOMIX, it's now your turn to discover what's in it for you...

Our Shows


    MOMIX's newest production, 'Alchemia' explores the ancient art of transformation focusing on the four elements and the spirits and imagery within each.


    'Botanica' revolves around the imagery and magic of the four seasons, showcasing the endlessly renewable energy of MOMIX performers.


    'Opus Cactus' is a visual journey into the mysteries and hidden secrets of the Southwestern desert, bringing the landscape and all of its creatures to…


    In celebration of MOMIX's 35th Anniversary season, W MOMIX Forever is a compilation of company favorites taken from all six of our shows.

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