Exploring the Splendors of the Desert...

After a ten-year rest period, Opus Cactus is back again with a new look, fresh energy, and fun surprises! Moses Pendleton brings the landscape of the American Southwest to life with his signature illusionistic style creating dynamic images of cactuses, slithering lizards and fire dancers. Originally created as a 20-minute piece in 2001 for the Ballet Arizona, Opus Cactus was then brought back into the MOMIX retort and a full-evening work was created.

 What the Critics are Saying about Opus Cactus...

“ Few theater artists today can achieve the level of visual splendor and theatrical magic that Mr. Pendleton can conjure from essentially the sparest of means.”

- Robert Greskovic The Wall Street Journal

“… with it’s wit, beauty and sheer physical daring, it typifies Momix at its inspired best.” “…there are enough of those patented Momix moments – when your eyes forget to blink and your breath forgets to come out – to make “Cactus” another winning addition to the repertory.”

-Sylviane Gold Newsday

“Opus Cactus is two acts of fun and excitement…”

-Jack Anderson The New York Times

“Inspired by the flora, fauna, and simple magic of the American Southwest, Pendleton’s ingenuity, theatricality and cunning imagination are seen at full stretch in strange vignettes of the Sonoran desert.”

-Clive Barnes New York Post


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